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Why Doctors Need a Physician Development Coach

Being Happy

“I felt good again. Empowered!”

Finding Balance

“Every career will have ups and downs. A down doesn’t need to equate a burnout.”

Fulfilling Potential

“I was holding back.”

Making Goals

“Together, we discovered what I wanted.”

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What Clients are saying…

“I would suggest that all physicians have a coach or mentor who can help guide them through the ups and downs of their career, to help ascertain when there is just minor imbalance versus a major issue that will ultimately result in disaster of some sort. I would say that you, Dianne, have a fantastic perspective having been in a high pressure job with high stakes, a mom, and wife to a physician. You are well immersed in the culture and familiar with the universal causes of stress and burnout, but you are extremely well grounded in recognizing when things aren’t as they should be and you have many tools for bringing a situation back into alignment with intended goals and outcomes.”

Rebecca Knight, MD, FACS

General Surgeon for 16 years

“I would encourage a friend, especially another doctor to resist the urge to meet the challenges alone. I do not prepare my own taxes or repair the office plumbing, though I prefer to think I could, eventually, figure it out. Ask for help you can trust and pay them to do what they are experts to do. It turns out I was holding me back. Together, Dr. Ansari-Winn and I found inside of me what I wanted and the motivation, drive and resources to write and publish my book, Lack of Sufficient Sleep Matters.”

Roger Washington, MD, FAAFP

Family Practitioner in Private Practice for 30 years

“I really enjoyed Dr. Ansari-Winn’s laid back approach, and how she made me feel comfortable in discussing the issues around my frustrations, and how to deal with them. She made me feel comfortable discussing my work environment in a very non-judgemental way. I felt very safe discussing my (dare I say it – feelings) with a colleague, and not feeling self-conscious explaining how frustrating my daily existence was at times. She also really made me feel confident and excited about small victories in my day, and how to motivate my staff.”

David Driban, MD

Medical Director – Informatics (Primary Care / Behavioral Health)

The Doctor’s Life

A weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn featuring discussions with fellow doctors and scientists on how to achieve success in clinical medicine and non-clinical careers while staying healthy in mind, body and spirit and living a rich, purposeful life.

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