About Dr. Dianne

“By becoming healthy ourselves, we improve healthcare and the lives of others.
–Dianne Ansari-Winn

The science is clear–we as physicians need to care for ourselves in body, mind, and spirit to have a joyful and meaningful life and take the best care of our patients. Consciously and purposefully creating developing habits, practices, skills, as well as systems that serve and support us and our purpose in life as physicians is the way to achieve vitality, joy, personal fulfillment, and ease in our lives. Like anything great, it takes some effort, but the immense rewards not only are seen both immediately and in the long term, but have a positive effect far beyond just our personal lives.”


Dr. Ansari-Winn had been practicing medicine as an Anesthesiologist for over 15 years when she went through her own experience with burnout in 2012. It affected every aspect of her life, career, and relationships.

“I went from feeling like I was successful at everything to feeling like I couldn’t do anything right. I felt so alone, lost and confused, and I was going through the motions of life without the happiness and purpose that I once felt so strongly.”

That was the beginning of her journey to the happy, fulfilled, purpose-driven life that she lives today. She has been married to the love of her life for over two decades, and they are happier together now than ever. She has two wonderful kids, the time to pursue the things that she loves to do, and has had a very successful post-clinical career.

Now that Dr. Ansari-Winn has recovered from burnout, her mission is to teach and coach others in how to live a life that has balance, health, love, energy and passion.

“I love helping my colleagues, and I bring my passion for learning and sharing everything I can about what is known about physician wellness, and how doctors can do their best work and still achieve their personal goals to my coaching and my podcast. There is a beautiful convergence of spiritual and scientific work that happens in coaching, and that is what I love sharing.”

Dr. Ansari-Winn received her Bachelor of Science, Medical Doctor, and Masters of Public Health from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She received her certification in Co-Active Coaching from the Coaches Training Institute and is a graduate of CTI’s year-long leadership incubator, the Co-Active Leadership Program.

She is also certified through the Physician Coaching Institute as a Physician Development Coach.

Dr. Ansari-Winn’s goal is to teach all physicians to live with health, energy, alignment, love, joy and fulfillment and help doctors to heal the world. She has founded the Physician Vitality Institute to serve that mission.

Find out more about the Physician Vitality Institute, and how it is promoting better health care through physician health and vitality.

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