The ME Factor: Burnout in Men with Dr. Ganz Ferrance, PhD

On this episode of “The Doctor’s Life” podcast, host Dianne Ansari-Winn, MD sits down with Dr. Ganz Ferrance to talk about an important, yet under discussed topic: men and burnout. Dr. Ganz is the author of The Me Factor: The Systematic Guide To Getting What The Hell You Want. He holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, has been featured on Good Morning Canada and CTV News, and is a prominent speaker in both the US and Canada. During their conversation Dr. Ganz and Dr. Dianne talk about the multiple stages and symptoms of burnout, as well as the roadblocks that prevent men from fighting and preventing burnout, while offering simple solutions that can be taken, including the importance of questioning everything they do by asking “is this working?.”

As the author Stephen Covey famously said, “Most people spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success, only to realize when they get to the top that the ladder has been leaning against the wrong wall”. This is something very prevalent in today’s culture. Realizing this, Dr. Ganz’s work as a counseling psychologist and author is aimed at preventing men in particular from climbing up the “wrong walls” in life and burning out as a result. The challenge becomes knowing what the right walls are! This is where the conversation with Dr. Ganz is focused in hopes of brining clarity to these issues, to help the listener understand what burnout is and how to avoid it. So what does burnout look like? As Dr. Ganz explains, early on the symptoms include a sense of exhaustion and an overall inability to enjoy oneself. But as it grows and reaches the later stages the symptoms can be detrimental, including physical sickness. In some instances burnout can develop so far as to utterly cripple professionals and bring careers to a standstill, something Dr. Ganz has himself witnessed and has dedicated his life to helping professionals avoid.

As the conversation climaxes, the doctors discuss how one of the biggest problems behind burnout is that most men lack the knowledge to realize they are going through it. When dealing with intense levels of stress and burnout men will often de-personalize the issue by lashing out at traffic, the weather, or a spouse. But the challenges that men face must be overcome, because the stakes are too high. As Dr. Ganz illustrates, if you don’t put gas in the vehicle until the end of the journey, you won’t ever make it to the end. What he means is that if men don’t learn to take care of themselves from the start of their careers, they will inevitably burn out and hurt everyone else within their sphere of influence. So what is the solution to treating and preventing burnout? Dr. Ganz provides concrete answers as to how men can objectively measure themselves for burnout, and fight against their own tendencies to overlook their personal well being. One simple but highly effective solution he offers is  the task of questioning everything. By this he means constantly asking the simple question “Is this working?”, something he believes will help passionate professionals go from unconsciously pursuing every opportunity they come across, to living a meaningful existence marked by focused success as they are enabled to say no to climbing the ladders that do not lead them where they really want to go.

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3-2-1 Podcasting with Nii Darko, DO

On this episode of “The Doctor’s Life” podcast, Dr. Dianne speaks with fellow physician turned podcaster Dr. Nii Darko, DO for an engaging conversation centered around the seemingly disconnected worlds of medicine and podcasting. A board-certified general surgeon and host of the top 100 Apple podcast “Docs Outside the Box”, Dr. Darko joins the conversation to talk about his experiences both as a physician and a podcaster. A best-selling author & New York native, Dr. Darko was first inspired to enter the medical field from tv figures he watched growing up who embodied the roles of doctor and family-man, ideals that resonated with what he was aspiring for in his own life. And so, after entering medical school he began a lifelong career in the field he has now dedicated his life to while finding unique and engaging ways to bridge the gap into creativity through the non-traditional medium of podcasting.

During their discussion the docs discuss many things, including Nii’s initial entrance into podcasting. As he explains it was after graduating from medical school and while looking for an appointment that fit his long-term goals, he began meeting people who were doing interesting things outside of traditional medicine, who were using their medical training for things outside of typical medical practices. This inspired him to see that a doctor’s training and experiences could be utilized outside of the run-of-the-mill methodologies he was used to. Seeing the need for a voice of authority to speak to these opportunities in his own career discipline, the “Docs Outside the Box” podcast was started in April 2016 and it’s message has gained tremendous popularity while engaging a field of people that have been traditionally overlooked in podcasting.

Aside from the personal history of the start of the “Docs Outside the Box” podcast the docs also speak more broadly about why they have entered the world of podcasting and the personal values they have gained through it. While they affirm they have both grown in their public speaking and networking capabilities because of podcasting, they acknowledge the road has not always been easy. The two discuss what it often takes to start a podcast-mainly reaching out to peers and those you already know, to have them speak about their own experiences. They also speak to the (more than a few) potholes, road bumps and cringeworthy moments they’ve come across in the journey and how to grow through them. With the tremendous traction gained in podcasting, especially in the medical community, the docs also speak to how they have bonded with other like-minded professionals through networking opportunities and resources like industry-focused FaceBook pages like the Physician Podcasting Network.

As the conversation climaxes the two also get very practical, discussing their process of recording, editing, hosting and posting their podcasts, as well the premise of Nii’s Amazon best-selling book 3-2-1 Podcast where he discusses some basic elements of podcasting in hopes of encouraging other would-be podcasters to take on this exciting yet unique challenge! While the conversation centers around podcasting in the medical community, the realities offered transcend career-paths as they note that podcasting is merely an opportunity for people to tell their own story and help other people learn and grow from their own experiences while rallying people around common interests.

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Parenting Secrets with Dr. Jarret Patton

On this episode of “The Doctor’s Life” podcast, Dr. Dianne speaks with a special guest about the difficulties of parenting. We all know that parenting can be hard, especially for busy doctor parents! Pediatrician and best-selling author Dr. Jarret Patton speaks with Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn to discuss how to navigate even the toughest parenting challenges. In this continuation of their previous podcast conversation, Dr. Jarret and Dr. Dianne review some simple, yet strategic parenting techniques that are approachable for everyone, regardless of what stage of parenting you are in. The strategies offered are a valuable resource in a culture where parenting techniques seem to be complex and always changing.

Dr. Jarret is an Xavier graduate and board certified pediatrician with over 20 years of experience, who now offers transformative relationship advice for hospitals, physicians, parents and children through education, motivation and empowerment. He is the best-selling author of Licensed to Live and Whose Bad @$$ Kids Are Those?: A Parent’s Guide To Behavior For Children of All Ages. While recognizing that the parenting market is flooded with resources and advice from many different people from varying backgrounds, Dr. Jarret gets back to his roots as a pediatric physician as the foundation of his parenting advice, effectively speaking to what many would identify as an important responsibility that can simply become an afterthought.

During their conversation, Dr. Jarret and Dr. Dianne cover some often-asked questions such as how to effectively deal with temper-tantrums, how to encourage nutrition for picky eaters and how to deal with a child’s sense of entitlement. They also offer valuable thoughts on dealing with behavioral issues in kids who are not your own, offering practical advice on how to deal with all of these issues effectively and in a way that is beneficial for a child’s overall development. The two also provide input to help parents grapple with how to enforce structure, consistency and follow-through as Dr. Jarret touches on some strategies he offers in his parenting boot-camp. And by listening to this conversation, parents will learn not just when to say no , but more importantly, when to say yes in parenting.

As the discussion closes, the doctors offer some final thoughts for parents on developing a parenting style for you and your co-parent as well as how to raise your child through the uniquenesses of today’s modern world, reminding the listener about the importance of getting everyone on the same playbook to effectively modify behaviors quickly and with consistency. Finally, make sure you listen to the close of the episode for a special offer from Dr. Jarret, just for “The Doctor’s Life” podcast listeners!

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Designing Your Own Medical Practice That You Love! with Dr. Dina Strachan

My guest Dina Strachan, MD left academics and founded her own dermatology practice in a very competitive market in New York City. She started with a dream and a small budget and has grown her very successful practice on her own terms. Dr. Strachan is also a well-known author and blogger and has been named a “Super Doctor” by the New York Times. She is also the author of Moxie Mindset, Secrets of Building a Profitable, Independent Physicians Practice in a Competitive Market, which was released this year.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to be both financially successful and have deep joy and personal satisfaction in medicine
  • Why having an independent practice actually serves the public better than larger practices do
  • Why “fitting the mold” leads to physician burnout
  • How to break out of “big” medicine, do your own thing, and still be successful
  • Why leaving medicine is not necessarily the path to happiness, even when you are burned out.

You can find Dr. Strachan on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram,, and find her book at

How To Recover When Your Medical License Is Revoked: Licensed to Live with Dr. Jarret Patton

In today’s episode, Dr. Ansari-Winn’s guest is Dr. Jarret Patton, MD, pediatrician, coach, and the founder and CEO of DoctorJarret, PLLC, a coaching and consulting firm which helps educate, enlighten, and improve healthcare.

Dr. Patton is the bestselling author of the book Licensed to Live, which is based on his own experience with having his world turned upside down after a false accusation from a patient’s mother.

He discusses his experience and how he turned his life around from uncertainty to creating his coaching and consulting firm, and writing 2 books, Licensed to Live and Whose Bad @$$ Kids are These?, a book on raising successful, well adjusted children.

Dr. Ansari-Winn and Dr. Patton discuss the effects of situations that threaten a doctor’s livelihood such as malpractice, burnout, and losing one’s license even temporarily, and the most important thing that doctors in crisis need to develop.

You find out more about Dr. Jarret’s work at,,, and

Curing Your Non-Profit of Burnout with Cathy Phelps, Executive Director of the Center for Trauma and Resilience

In this episode, Dr. Ansari-Winn interviews Cathy Phelps, who is the Executive Director of the Center for Trauma and Resilience (CTR) in Denver, Colorado.

Like many non-profits, CTR’s clients are experiencing high stress, and her employees were suffering from compassion fatigue and burnout. Through Cathy’s leadership, CTR transformed from attrition and burnout to winning several national awards for being the best non-profit to work in! Her book, Non-Profit Transformed, is a definitive guide on how to make well-being an integral part of the workplace.

In this show you will learn about:

CTR’s innovative programming including befriending the body–specialized yoga for trauma victim, and other innovative ways to provide yoga to the community, including the Denver County jail system

CTR’s programming around providing prevention of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma for their employees through self-care

The powerful value in peer support groups to create innovations in health and prevent burnout in health care providers

CTR’s model of creating self-care as part of the job description and integrating it into to job performance goals

The responsibility of management in helping the employees care for themselves and the power of changing the culture to include self-care.

You can buy Nonprofit Transformed by clicking this book title, or go to

Making Choices in Medicine with Dr. Dara Kass

Dr. Dara Kass is an Emergency Medicine physician who practices in New York City, and is the “engine” behind FeminEM, an organization who dynamically supports and promotes gender equality in medicine.

Dr. Kass and Dr. Ansari-Winn discuss how FeminEM has grown dramatically from a blog to an online community to a movement by serving the needs of its community, including creating a speaker’s bureau, blog, podcast, and a conference which has grown from 250 attendees in 2017 to an estimated over 600 attendees to the conference planned in October 2018.

They also discuss the factors around making choices in medicine today that support our passions and our need for flexibility so that we can pursue our careers with enthusiasm and energy.

Mindfulness with the Chief Mindfulness Officer of Aetna, Andy Lee

Mindfulness is a practice that we all can incorporate into our lives to reduce stress and increase energy, vitality and efficacy. In this episode, Dr. Ansari-Winn and Andy Lee, Chief Mindfulness Officer at Aetna discuss:

  • How Mr. Lee went from breakdown to becoming Chief Mindfulness Officer at Aetna
  • How mindfulness improves brain function, productivity and engagement at work
  • A simple and effective mindfulness practice that you can use in one minute
  • How to start a mindfulness program in an organization with an app and a culture campaign


Resources mentioned in the podcast

Research and resources from University of Rochester:


NY Times Article about mindfulness and physician burnout:

The Experience of Black and Latino Medical Faculty with Dr. Sylk Sotto

Our guest today is Dr. Sylk Sotto, Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs and Diversity in the Department of Medicine at Indiana University.

Dr. Sotto discusses how her experiences in higher education lead to her academic focus on underrepresented minorities in medicine, and her paper What Gets Lost in the Numbers: A Case Study about the Experiences and Perspectives of Black and Latin@ Faculty in Academic Medicine.

We also discuss the great value of having a diverse faculty, and ways to promote wellness and connection for underrepresented minorities in academic medicine.

How Medical Students Learn to be Doctors with Dr. Crystal Clay Wright

In the past, there was no curriculum, but today’s medical students are taught professional skills as part of their education.

Crystal Clay Wright, MD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and she provided 8 years of academic guidance and professional development to medical students during her service as Director of Medical Student Education in the Department of Anesthesiology and Director of the Baylor College of Medicine Learning Community in the Undergraduate Medical Education Department.

In this interview, Drs. Ansari-Winn and Wright discuss

  • why developing a professional identity is important
  • how students develop a professional identity while remaining themselves
  • the technique of reflective writing and how it can make one a better doctor
  • how everyday mindfulness and self-care are professional development skills

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