On this episode of “The Doctor’s Life” podcast, Dr. Dianne speaks with fellow physician turned podcaster Dr. Nii Darko, DO for an engaging conversation centered around the seemingly disconnected worlds of medicine and podcasting. A board-certified general surgeon and host of the top 100 Apple podcast “Docs Outside the Box”, Dr. Darko joins the conversation to talk about his experiences both as a physician and a podcaster. A best-selling author & New York native, Dr. Darko was first inspired to enter the medical field from tv figures he watched growing up who embodied the roles of doctor and family-man, ideals that resonated with what he was aspiring for in his own life. And so, after entering medical school he began a lifelong career in the field he has now dedicated his life to while finding unique and engaging ways to bridge the gap into creativity through the non-traditional medium of podcasting.

During their discussion the docs discuss many things, including Nii’s initial entrance into podcasting. As he explains it was after graduating from medical school and while looking for an appointment that fit his long-term goals, he began meeting people who were doing interesting things outside of traditional medicine, who were using their medical training for things outside of typical medical practices. This inspired him to see that a doctor’s training and experiences could be utilized outside of the run-of-the-mill methodologies he was used to. Seeing the need for a voice of authority to speak to these opportunities in his own career discipline, the “Docs Outside the Box” podcast was started in April 2016 and it’s message has gained tremendous popularity while engaging a field of people that have been traditionally overlooked in podcasting.

Aside from the personal history of the start of the “Docs Outside the Box” podcast the docs also speak more broadly about why they have entered the world of podcasting and the personal values they have gained through it. While they affirm they have both grown in their public speaking and networking capabilities because of podcasting, they acknowledge the road has not always been easy. The two discuss what it often takes to start a podcast-mainly reaching out to peers and those you already know, to have them speak about their own experiences. They also speak to the (more than a few) potholes, road bumps and cringeworthy moments they’ve come across in the journey and how to grow through them. With the tremendous traction gained in podcasting, especially in the medical community, the docs also speak to how they have bonded with other like-minded professionals through networking opportunities and resources like industry-focused FaceBook pages like the Physician Podcasting Network.

As the conversation climaxes the two also get very practical, discussing their process of recording, editing, hosting and posting their podcasts, as well the premise of Nii’s Amazon best-selling book 3-2-1 Podcast where he discusses some basic elements of podcasting in hopes of encouraging other would-be podcasters to take on this exciting yet unique challenge! While the conversation centers around podcasting in the medical community, the realities offered transcend career-paths as they note that podcasting is merely an opportunity for people to tell their own story and help other people learn and grow from their own experiences while rallying people around common interests.

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