In today’s episode, Dr. Ansari-Winn’s guest is Dr. Jarret Patton, MD, pediatrician, coach, and the founder and CEO of DoctorJarret, PLLC, a coaching and consulting firm which helps educate, enlighten, and improve healthcare.

Dr. Patton is the bestselling author of the book Licensed to Live, which is based on his own experience with having his world turned upside down after a false accusation from a patient’s mother.

He discusses his experience and how he turned his life around from uncertainty to creating his coaching and consulting firm, and writing 2 books, Licensed to Live and Whose Bad @$$ Kids are These?, a book on raising successful, well adjusted children.

Dr. Ansari-Winn and Dr. Patton discuss the effects of situations that threaten a doctor’s livelihood such as malpractice, burnout, and losing one’s license even temporarily, and the most important thing that doctors in crisis need to develop.

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