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Become a Certified Physician Peer Coach

in 10 Weeks

Preventing and Treating Burnout

Leadership Development

Fulfilling Physician Potential

Promoting Physician Well-Being


Perhaps you want to become a life coach for your fellow physicians or create a peer coaching program in your organization, academic department, residency training program, or medical school.

Perhaps you work with physicians in a coaching or physician development role already but feel as though you are “winging it’.

Perhaps you want to experience your own personal transformation. 


You are in the right place!


You can learn the coaching skills that professional life coaches use to powerfully coach their clients and that you can use to become a powerful coach as well.


In The Physician Coaching Academy (TM), you will learn how to become an effective and skilled coach in 10 weeks, even if you have never coached anyone before. 


PCA graduates are powerful coaches and leaders who are changing the face and the culture of medicine, and you can become one too. 


Peer coaching for physicians is the future of medicine and of leadership in medicine.


Physicians want to be well, to have work-life balance and meaningful careers. Coaching helps them achieve their goals.


Physicians have a deep need for peer coaching, now more than ever. They need your help and support to successfully navigate the challenges they may be experiencing, as well as creating meaningful paths to achieve their personal and professional goals.


There is more need for peer coaching than the current number of peer coaches can provide.


If you have considered becoming a certified coach, if you want to deepen your skills, if you are already coaching or in a leadership role, then the Physician Coach Training Program is for you.


The Physician Coach Training Program is laser-focused. You will learn quickly, yet deeply in this 10-week program.  It’s “see one, do one, teach one” approach. The program is designed so that you have not only time to learn, but time to integrate and practice what you have learned. 

The course is taught online in a private and intimate group of only 10 students so that you will have plenty of time to practice your skills with and get direct feedback from your instructor, Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn as well as your classmates.


The Physician Coach Training Program is not just a coach training program. Given the nature of the curriculum and the small group setting, you will find it to be an enriching and transformational experience of personal growth and community. You will find friends and kindred spirits here, and be connected to a group over 40 coaches who are alumni of the Physician Coaching Academy.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Class is filling up quickly. Enrollment is limited.

Earn 15 credits of CME!

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The Physician Coach Training System (TM) is accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Who attends The Physician Coaching Academy (TM)? 

Physician Coaching Academy graduates include CMO’s, Directors of Physician Development and Physician Human Resources, residency program directors, and other physicians in academia and private practice. They use their coaching skills both in their current positions as well as creating formal coaching programs or practices. Some graduates have started a formal peer coaching program in their organization, and some graduates have started their own coaching practice after the training.

What Students Are Saying…
“I took Dr. Dianne’s coaching course in January 2020 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made!  The course was efficient, and provided a wonderful foundation for my understanding of coaching.  Having certification as a physician peer coach, I am now providing coaching services that focus on issues of job satisfaction, burnout, and second victim syndrome. I am forever grateful to Dr. Dianne and PCA for launching me into the next phase of my professional life!”

Susan Wilson, MD
“I completed my certification in physician peer coaching through the Physician Coaching Academy in November 2020. I can honestly say taking this course was one of the best decisions of my career this far! I found PCA through my own research after experiencing burnout firsthand as a young physician. I met with Dr. Dianne virtually during a strategy session and felt an immediate connection to her. Dr. Dianne is compassionate, understanding, incredibly knowledgeable, and extremely approachable. Her course helped me tremendously in healing from my own burnout as well as set me up with the tools and confidence to start coaching peers on my own and advocating for physician wellness. An incredible bonus is you will gain friendships and a network of like-minded physicians who are truly passionate about serving and healing not just patients but one another! For an incredible 10 week journey of introspection, connection, and transformation, take Dr. Dianne’s course!”

Chelsea Gonzalez, DO

Other PCA graduates say…


“I was surprised at how much I learned in class so quickly and easily.”

“Thank you, Dr. Dianne! This class was truly transformational.”

“I find myself using my coaching skills so often!”

“The skills you taught helped me to improve my relationship with my daughter.”

“I experienced a personal transformation.”

“These 10 weeks were wonderful! Thank you, Dr. Dianne!”



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Coaching Conversations 101.

A personal note from Dr. Dianne–

I believe in the power of relationships and connection, and doctors are some of the best people that I have ever met.

As a coach for physicians, I have had the great honor and joy of helping my colleagues.

They regain their purpose and get back on track when they were suffering from burnout and considering leaving medicine, or having stress at work, or having difficulty communicating with staff.

My physician clients live the lives that they had been dreaming of on their way to work–lives with rich purpose and meaning.

At the Physician Coaching Academy, we are making a difference. Join us.

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Dr. Ansari-Winn received her Bachelor of Science, Medical Doctor, and Masters of Public Health from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She received her certification in Co-Active Coaching from the Coaches Training Institute and is a graduate of CTI’s year-long leadership incubator, the Co-Active Leadership Program.
She is also certified through the Physician Coaching Institute as a Physician Development Coach.

Dr. Ansari-Winn’s goal is to teach all physicians to live with health, energy, alignment, love, joy and fulfillment and help doctors to heal the world. She has founded the Physician Vitality Institute to serve that mission.

Find out more about the Physician Vitality Institute, and how it is promoting better health care through physician health and vitality.