You are going to really enjoy this one! Today’s podcast is with Dr. Draion Burch, also known as Dr. Drai, who not only practices OB/GYN “on his own terms”, but is a media expert on Women’s Health with over 250 appearances and mentions on television and print.

He is the founder of Medical Moguls Academy, which coaches physicians wanting to expand their reach and grow a business by delivering products and services that are not only in demand, but in alignment with who that doctor really is and their higher purpose.

Dr. Drai also provides comprehensive health services through Amare Concierge Medicine, an exclusive concierge medicine practice.

Dr. Ansari-Winn and Dr. Drai discuss what it means to practice medicine today and what it means to be a healer in the truest sense, why some doctors NEED to expand beyond the traditional practice of medicine, and how to start on a journey as a media medical expert.