On this episode of “The Doctor’s Life” podcast, Dr. Dianne speaks with a special guest about the difficulties of parenting. We all know that parenting can be hard, especially for busy doctor parents! Pediatrician and best-selling author Dr. Jarret Patton speaks with Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn to discuss how to navigate even the toughest parenting challenges. In this continuation of their previous podcast conversation, Dr. Jarret and Dr. Dianne review some simple, yet strategic parenting techniques that are approachable for everyone, regardless of what stage of parenting you are in. The strategies offered are a valuable resource in a culture where parenting techniques seem to be complex and always changing.

Dr. Jarret is an Xavier graduate and board certified pediatrician with over 20 years of experience, who now offers transformative relationship advice for hospitals, physicians, parents and children through education, motivation and empowerment. He is the best-selling author of Licensed to Live and Whose Bad @$$ Kids Are Those?: A Parent’s Guide To Behavior For Children of All Ages. While recognizing that the parenting market is flooded with resources and advice from many different people from varying backgrounds, Dr. Jarret gets back to his roots as a pediatric physician as the foundation of his parenting advice, effectively speaking to what many would identify as an important responsibility that can simply become an afterthought.

During their conversation, Dr. Jarret and Dr. Dianne cover some often-asked questions such as how to effectively deal with temper-tantrums, how to encourage nutrition for picky eaters and how to deal with a child’s sense of entitlement. They also offer valuable thoughts on dealing with behavioral issues in kids who are not your own, offering practical advice on how to deal with all of these issues effectively and in a way that is beneficial for a child’s overall development. The two also provide input to help parents grapple with how to enforce structure, consistency and follow-through as Dr. Jarret touches on some strategies he offers in his parenting boot-camp. And by listening to this conversation, parents will learn not just when to say no , but more importantly, when to say yes in parenting.

As the discussion closes, the doctors offer some final thoughts for parents on developing a parenting style for you and your co-parent as well as how to raise your child through the uniquenesses of today’s modern world, reminding the listener about the importance of getting everyone on the same playbook to effectively modify behaviors quickly and with consistency. Finally, make sure you listen to the close of the episode for a special offer from Dr. Jarret, just for “The Doctor’s Life” podcast listeners!

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